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Out Now...

 Redemption Of The Maverick Millionaire

The man who broke her heart…


…wants to win her back!


Millionaire entrepreneur Damon Macy bitterly regrets betraying Eve Clark four years ago. Preventing a massive development in her beloved seaside town seems the perfect way to make amends. Only, his “knight in shining armor” strategy backfires spectacularly—she supported the project! Now Damon must work closely with the still devastatingly stunning but now wary Eve to redeem the situation—and hopefully himself in the process…



Coming October...

Singapore Fling with the Millionaire

Two weeks in Singapore…

a deal to change everything.


Designer Christy Minslow’s put everything into her fashion brand. Now she wants to focus on her designs, not balancing the books. When billionaire James Cooper-Ford invites her to discuss buying her out, she’s intrigued! After a past bitter betrayal, she’s cautious of James’s reputation. But in reality, there’s more to him than meets the eye. He’s funny, charming, attractive…and quite possibly just the holiday fling she needs!

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