Wedding Date in Malaysia

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Distracted by the bridesmaid…impossible to resist!


Bridesmaid Ella wants to prove she’s moved on from the grief of the last eighteen months and is ready for a fresh start. So meeting playboy and best man Harry at the wedding party in Malaysia is excitingly refreshing! With an image to redeem, Harry’s solely focused on making the wedding perfect and he needs Ella’s help. But when their best-laid plans are derailed by their unstoppable chemistry, keeping focused becomes almost impossible!

May 4

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May 24

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May 12

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Escape With Her Greek Tycoon

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A taste of the forbidden… Under the Mediterranean sun!


As long as hotelier MJ can remember, dangerously attractive tycoon Nikos has been strictly off-limits because the scars of their families’ feud run deep. Now MJ needs to track down her wayward sister, and he’s the only person who can help! They're alone together, and tensions run high as they both fight the inevitable chemistry. But when MJ sees the real man behind the guarded mask, she realizes he’s worth risking it all for!


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